The facts:

The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum, Port Hope is in its 33rd year. In that time it has grown from a “hobby” collection put together by a number of Port Hope area fire fighting enthusiasts, including the fire chief at that time, to a nationally recognized collection that is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

FACT: The Museum records thousands of visits each year in its short, six month opening season. In 2016 alone, there were over 4700 visitors.

FACT: 84% of Museum visitors are from outside of the Municipality of Port Hope (9% are from outside Canada).

FACT: In 2015, the Museum was contacted by the Royal Canadian Mint to consult on the design of the commemorative coin depicting the 1916 fire which destroyed Canada’s earlier Parliament Buildings.

FACT: In 2016, the Museum was asked to mount a display in the Ontario Legislature at Queen’s Park, Toronto.

FACT: The Museum collection holds over 4,000 items from all over Canada, not just Port Hope or Ontario.

FACT: The Ontario Fire College donated it’s entire collection of fire fighting artefacts to the Museum when it closed its archive.

FACT: The Museum needs to raise over $40,000 dollars every year just to cover its operating costs. At present, it receives nothing from the Municipality of Port Hope.

FACT: The Museum completed a feasibility study in 2016, at its own expense, that clearly shows the viability of an expanded museum facility in Port Hope.

FACT: The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum is the number three attraction in Port Hope on after the Capitol Theatre and shopping!

FACT: Port Hope is short on tourist attractions that help improve the local economy. Visitors to the Museum also eat in our restaurants and shop in our stores.

Those are the facts.

What can YOU do?

The Museum needs your support in many ways:

• Of course we need financial support and all contributions over $20 will receive a tax certificate—the Museum is a registered non-profit charitable institution. Go here to donate.

• Become a member, it’s only $20/year! Go here to join.

• Be a volunteer! We could use your help. Go here to volunteer.

• Visit the Museum. Never been? Come on over, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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• Give us a 5 star review on Go here.

• Adopt a fire hydrant! No, you cannot take it home but you can visit! Go here to adopt.

• Tell our local councillors you support the Museum and would like to see it grow in Port Hope!

• Add your name to our petition to council to show your support. Go here

Thank You!