Fires have always been a problem to solve

Pre 1600 — Little is known of the lives of Canada’s first peoples prior to the arrival of Samuel de Champlain in the early 1600’s. They left no early written records and few pictorial ones. Canada had many different groups which were distinct from each other, both culturally and linguistically. Fire fighting practices would vary from group to group.

Huron Village
                                         An early Huron village.

The Wendat people of Huronia lived in longhouse villages surrounded by palisades with watch towers. In times of war these towers held a supply of stones, to throw at the enemy, and water, to suppress fires that might occur.

Ladders were used to reach these galleries. Long houses were located 9–12 feet apart and often had a narrow end facing into the prevailing wind. By using these techniques in the construction of their villages the risk of fires spreading was reduced.

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