Approximately 1910 to Present
The introduction of motorized apparatus had a profound impact on the fire service. Gasoline powered rigs greatly reduced response time, especially on long runs where the horses would tire. As well as propelling the vehicle, the motor could supply pump power, generate electric lighting, or provide PTO power for hydraulics, etc. Motor apparatus quickly proved to be very cost effective. Their utilization led to lower manpower requirements on a per capita population basis than in the previous eras.

51 Bickle
1951 Bickle Seagrave Pumper

Fire apparatus builders used chassis built by Ford, General Motors Corp., Reo, and Gotfredson as the basis for their lines of pumpers, ladder trucks, etc. The larger companies building fire apparatus such as Seagrave and American LaFrance introduced their own custom units, designed and built “from the ground up” in their own factories. Both custom and commercial chassis were used from early times by Canadian departments.


CFFM has over a dozen motorized fire fighting vehicles. Because of space restrictions, not all can be on display. Below are just a few of our vintage fire fighting vehicles.

41 GMC
1941 GMC Pumper
1950 Seagrave
1950 Seagrave Aerial Ladder
26 otfredson
1926 Gotfredson Pumper
1930 Bickle