Collections Volunteer

Summary of Position: Collections Volunteers will work under the guidance of the Curator. Volunteers may support the work with our permanent collection on research, conservation, documentation, storage of artifacts, development and maintenance of exhibits. Volunteers will help conduct background research for special events, programs, exhibits and artifacts. They will help with the arrangement and maintenance of the Museum’s Inventory and Archives. Volunteers will assist with conducting research for museum exhibits and collections as well as historic news articles. Research projects may involve frequenting local libraries and archives to retrieve information or using museum resources and the internet. Volunteers will work with the Curator in stabilizing the condition of the artifacts and for administering cleaning and general care of the collection. Volunteers also assist the Museum in the preparation of artifacts for exhibition. Collections Volunteers will also help with the planning and designing of exhibits and display cases in the Museum and for special events.

Qualifications: Willing to gain an understanding of the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum, its mission, vision, policies and procedures and programs. Training or experience in artifact handling, historical research, database entry or photography an asset. Have a familiarity with the Core Standards for Canadian Museums and Standards for Community Museums in Ontario. Proficiency in the appropriate techniques needed in the areas of research, cataloguing, accession, inventory, photography and digitizing our collections and artifacts. Have the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Have strong organizational and planning skills as well as an ability to manage details.

Reports To: Museum Curator, and Director of Volunteers

Primary Duties: Activities will vary depending on the skills and experience of the volunteer(s) but will include some or all of the collections program.

• Photographing and cataloguing the collection
• Locating documents and photos as required
• Working with archival documents
• Researching documents, photos, artifacts using archives, libraries, the internet and human resources
• Looking up information for public requests
• Looking up information for Museum projects
• Clean artifacts
• Stabilize artifacts in the collection
• Ensure proper care and handling of artifacts
• Reorganize storage facilities as needed
• Monitor temperature and humidity
• Monitor, replace bug traps as needed
• Walk around building to check for pests
• Planning exhibits
• Designing exhibits
• Keeping a record of objects’ locations
• Working with incoming loans

Training Provided: Orientation to the facility and regular meetings with the Museum Curator and the Director of Volunteers to plan activities, monitor progress and provide data, background information and problem solving support.

All Volunteers are responsible for submitting the following documents prior to the commencement of their volunteer work;

• Signed and completed Volunteer Application
• Completed Criminal Reference Check
• Signed Orientation/Guide Form

Time Commitment: flexible hours, minimum 3 hours per week preferred, minimum 1 year commitment

Ethics:  As a volunteer member you make a commitment:

• To learn the extent of your role and carry it out fully
• To participate in a way that maintains the professionalism of Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
• To keep certain information confidential

Grounds for Termination: Failure to carry out assigned responsibilities

• Misrepresenting the Museum or its policies
• Breach of confidentiality

Contact Person: Museum Curator and Director of Volunteers

Date Revised: July 2016