Special Events Volunteer

Summary of Position: Special Events Volunteers will support Special Events and activities that will help raise the profile of the organization and funds for the services offered.

Qualifications: Willing to gain an understanding of the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum, its mission, vision, policies and procedures and programs. Have strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as, a friendly and outgoing personality. Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills, able to manage details and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. Willing to implement ideas creatively, using proven organizational abilities. Experience in event planning, fundraising or marketing is an asset, but not required.

Reports To: Director of Volunteers and Director of Development

Primary Duties: Assist in the organization and promotion of activities and events

• Distribute and collect required Special Events materials and supplies
• Organize, coordinate, set-up and staff displays at the various locations
• Assist in the development of budgets for events
• Tabulate the revenue and expenses after each event
• Compile regular updates to Board contacts or Special Events Committee

Training Provided: Orientation to the facility and regular meetings with the Director of Volunteers and Director of Development or Public Relations to plan activities, monitor progress and provide data, background information and problem-solving support.

All Volunteers are responsible for submitting the following documents prior to the commencement of their volunteer work;

• Signed and completed Volunteer Application
• Completed Criminal Reference Check
• Signed Orientation/Guide Form

Time Commitment: flexible hours, minimum 3 hours per week preferred, minimum 3 month commitment

Ethics:  As a volunteer member you make a commitment:

• To learn the extent of your role and carry it out fully
• To participate in a way that maintains the professionalism of Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
• To keep certain information confidential

Grounds for Termination: Failure to carry out assigned responsibilities

• Misrepresenting the Museum or its policies
• Breach of confidentiality

Contact Person: Director of Volunteers, Director of Development and/or Director of Public Relations

Date Revised: July 2016